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Fact Sheet

Release Date: October 13 2021

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Developer: Itamar Ashkenazi / The Man In The Back Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Publisher: The Man In The Back

General/Business/Press: TheManInTheBackGames@gmail.com

About the Game

Smore King – Is a game about making S’mores at your own pace.

Smore King is a funny free 3D game For Mobile that lets you Roast marshmallows, Make S’mores, find out new and unique little marshmallows, and speed it all up if you want.
S’more King really is more about you than the actual game, and Experience may vary on the player.
You can play the game in chill, for 1 minute to complete a challenge, 1 bag at a time OR you can play it for hours and intensely 4 bags at once.
But it all comes down to how you like to play.

Philosophy behind the game

The game was developed in mind to make a new game that can appeal to a lot of people with no violence, competition or any conflict – just you, the music, your camp, the fire, the marshmallows, and u make the pace, just like in life.
You make your own story, decide whether you care about something or not, and how you want to approach it.
And there is no really failing in this but how u see yourself.

About the Developer

S’more King is developed by Itamar Ashkenazi AKA The Man In The Back, a solo indie dev from Israel.
Before S’more King Itamar learned cinematography, then went to serve in the IDF where he would learn Unity from YouTube in the nights instead of sleeping, and a day after finishing his service worked in start-ups as a Software Developer but quit his job and went the solo lane to pursue his goals.
Today He works full time as an indie developer and mainly works on S’more king to deliver more updates.



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Some of the marshmallows available