Royalty Free Sound Effects and Music

Some of us didn’t get that absolute hearing or magical hands for playing a piano and there are some good Royalty Free Sounds and music to grab ’em from:


  •  Newgrounds – Most known site for  music and original other creations.
  •  Sample Swap – Huge FREE pile of loops, beats, packs and music!
  •  Incompetech – Nice amount of music for your games in any genre.
  •  DigccMixter – Good variety of music for films and games (varies in licenses.
  • תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪jamendo‬‏ Jamendo – Move convenient and modern feel like site with good music.


  • – Strongly recommend this site for HUGE variety of sounds for absolute FREE.
  •  FreeSFX – At first you’ll think that’s not enough sounds in this site, but it is right on point for what u had in your mind.


Else you know how to handle some music notes:

  •  bfxr – Free online way to make 8bit Sounds!
  • Audacity Icon Audacity – Free software for a swift cutting and editing sound.
  •  Ardour – A nice Free software for creating Music (Mac, Linux).
  •   FL Studio – or if you Own Windows you might want to consider buying FL (Windows).
  •  Adobe Audition – If you have Adobe suite dont forget Audition.
If its not fitting u enough please try the full list.

Miss anything else?
Graphics? Music or sound? Scripting? Game designing? Marketing?