Royalty Free Graphics

As a single developer You probably don’t have enough skills with Photoshop and illustrator and there are some good Royalty Free Graphics and other resources for a lot of thing:

  • TurboSquidLogo Turbosquid  – Some Free 3D Models.
  • CG Textures Logo CG Textures – 15 Royalty Free Textures per day!.
  •  Game Icons  – +2800 Royalty Free Icons especially for Games.
  •  Tome Tik – Private Tile sets  and sprites for oldie game looks.
  •  OpenGameArt (Unbelievably useful site for Royalty Free Game Assets such as Graphics and Sounds)

Else you know how to handle some Brushes:

  •  aseprite – Top PixelArt and animation software (Win, Mac)
  •  GIMP – FREE Photoshop Alternative (Win, Mac and Linux)
  •  Photoshop – Yet Most Obviously (Windows, Mac)
  • תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪pro motion ng‬‏ ProMotion NG  – Partially free PixelArt and tiling(Windows)
  • תמונה קשורה GraphicsGale – PixelArt and animation software (Windows)
  •  Illustrator – Most obviously for Clean SVG loseless images(Windows, Mac)
  •  Inkscape – Great FREE Illustrator Alternative (Win, Mac, Linux)
  •  Qubicle – An amazing tool for Voxel Editing  (Windows)
  • תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪MagicaVoxel icon‬‏ MagicaVoxel – Qubicle Alt for FREE Voxel Editing (Windows)
  •  Blender – FREE 3D Modeling and Animating
If its not fitting u enough please try the full list.

Pro tips:

  1. Before getting on and searching the entire web for graphics and spritesheets
    you should get an idea in your mind what do u want to make and how do u want to impact
    your gamers who are going to play your game
  2. You can’t always relay on free databases and resources
    sometimes you need just to make it right for your own game and should sacrifice
    some dollars for the cause if you really need it to stand out from others
  3. YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE IT PERFECT! – you should always make it look good but
    if you wonder and polish the graphics too much it could never end and might
    burn you good time and a lot of money
  4. Everything can be fixed  and polished afterwards when the game is done(!!)

Miss anything else?
Graphics? Music or sound? Scripting? Game designing? Marketing?