Fun Projects such as...


I think its needless to say that most of the games are not done nor¬†polished and by any means doesn’t represent
the true skills of the people who worked on them these games were a product of a pure joy and love for games ūüôā

CropNMunch is a Challenge i made to myself to complete within 4 days. The Game is kind of like snake but against another player and with more strategy Tried to implement Txt file for Level Template and make the game as most Open and easy to edit as i could I did it in order to prove
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Disrumble is a GlobalGameJam 2017 Game about shouting into the microphone and blowing up¬†your friends speaker with rude words We only had about 36hrs to do it because it wasn’t practical to jam where we jammed but im pretty satisfied with what came out. Cute and funny Little Game. Team: Daniel Ratzkovsky – Game Designer
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Dot.Block¬†is the first game I have ever made for Web, then ported for Android.¬†I was focusing on making a rich atmosphere with the most simple looks and also tried for the first time to implement Kongregate‘s API and in game shop. In this game you are a Dot in a middle of somewhat island of
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Sunny Express
Sunny Express is the first game I have ever made for android i was focusing on the most basic user interactions to the game and still simple and charming for everyone and especially for kids and learning the basics of Unity with android. In this game you are a Sunflower which wants to reach the sun
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Chiaroscuro is the first game I have ever made and i was focusing on atmosphere and learning the basics of Unity. In this game you are a detective whom his Boss was kidnapped and you are to find and save him.. Be careful about the mysteries you might unveil.. As this is my first game i have
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