Game Design

When it comes to Game design we all have some cool and innovative ideas to make our game better but, are you making it right? actually, what is right and what is wrong?

here are some few good people who had massive impact on how i see game today and forever:


  •  ExtraCreditz – Or Extra Credits analyzes how video games affects and is effecting our community and our personal experience with ourselves, with our loved ones and strangers for the good and the bad.
  •  McBacon1337 – Or Mark Brown hosting a show called “Game Maker’s TOOLKIT” where he analyze some popular games and shows how they work and why they work that way.
  •  ClassicGameJunkie –  Or How Did They Do That!? hosted by Rob explains how did game companies in the earliest ears of video games succeeded making such a facinating technological achievements despite the limitations and what tricks they used in order to do it. just like revealing how did the magician pulled a coin out of your ear ;p

But if u want to know how does a game developer works and thinks u might want to check this out – Anonymous game developer who explain everything on his blog from waking up to releasing a game.


Miss anything else?
Graphics? Music or sound? Scripting? Game designing? Marketing?