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Itamar Ashkenazi

24 Years old Gamer, Game developer and a Game entrepreneur based in Israel

I’ve started my way when I was 4 years old, watching my dad playing Command & Conquer. The sounds, graphics and the excitement instantly caught my attention. This was the moment I started digging games and playing every minute I could.
In fact I was so into games, I knew every inch of them that instead of my hands I was playing with my legs while watching TV.

As the time went by I went to High-school of Art learning Cinematography but it wasn’t enough for me. I had to max it out and make it my own way of film making. So I started interacting with After Effects and Photoshop. I was so immersed by the creations and  I could make with these tools and I was learning it as much as I could. At a certain point  The school decided every movie the school Publishes should get a polishing and final touches by me.

As I was recruited to the military I wanted to be an After Effects Editor but the reality was that people are needed as a Radio communication devices engineer in Hostile areas. As the service in the army passed by and although  I have received a few Certificates of Excellence for my service I grew hunger for the games I used to play and felt like I need to spread the joy I had when I was young and started learning Unity in each weekend I came back home.

As a Game Developer I mainly like to use Unity Engine for most of my works and participated in a lot of companies’s projects with great success  from games to plugins and other workarounds.

If u have any question or request about Game development or anything else, Ill be glad to answer 🙂