Dot.Block is

the first game I have ever made for Web, then ported for Android. I was focusing on making a rich atmosphere with the most simple looks and also tried for the first time to implement Kongregate‘s API and in game shop.

In this game you are a Dot in a middle of somewhat island of pixels which wants to to hurt u and u need to survive


i wanted to make something different and more weird than usual games in the web, Throwing you into this survival level with no clue how to control the dot and u see the first pixel coming to u with an some kind of monastery ambient and changing times of the day

I wanted to create a really simple yet rich and charming environment and modular and smart leveling and enemies implantation in the game.

This game was so fun and at first complicated for me to make but got it through


Itamar Ashkenazi – Programmer



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